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Installation Technician - Orange, CT

Onsite & On the Road, Full-Time

Sales, installation, and training our customers for FIREBIRD Industrial Processing washer-extractors and dryers.

Objective: Introduce the system to new customer leads, providing details on the equipment, programming, and chemistry.


Once a deposit has been made, coordinate the shipping and logistics with the customer to ensure that the product will deliver safely. Prepare the equipment on-site and with Miele to ensure our quality control standards have been met.


Get your frequent flyer card(s) ready, as you may travel across the US (and overseas) to visit customer sites for startup: install, training, and troubleshooting. Overall, the trend is moving toward video conferencing with the customer as well. No matter the location, the goal is to help our customers become proficient at using the FIP equipment to process pretreatment onto garments.


Continuous development of the best hardware and programming setup to optimize the product processing for the FIP end user. Collaborate with chemists, engineers, and print application specialist to improve our product quality, consistency, and efficiency.

Bachelor’s (Preferred)


The ideal applicant will have some knowledge in any of these fields: chemistry, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, graphic/digital art design.


Please submit your resume along with a cover letter. For qualified candidates, a follow-up interview by phone will be scheduled with an ensuing on-site interview at our offices.

Job Type: Full-time


Pay: $55,000.00 – $75,000.00 per year



401(k) matching
Health insurance
Paid time off


Schedule: Monday to Friday


Supplemental Pay: Bonus pay


Work Location: On the road


benefits if you join us

401(K) Match

Contribute to your retirement account with company match.

Gym Facility

Work out on your lunch break with 10+ machines.

Health Insurance

We offer Anthem coverage for all full-time employees.

Company Meals

We celebrate our team with occasional meals and outings.

Ergonomic Desks

The office layout is arranged for comfort & efficiency.

Paid Vacation

Valuing the work/life balance, we offer paid vacation days.

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