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Textile Coatings

Textile Coatings

Anti Odor Coating

FIREBIRD Industrial Processing [FIP]


Prevent fouling smells on a wide range of textiles using our anti-odor coating system. One FIP lane can coat up to 288 shirts per hour using our non-toxic, odor inhibiting treatment. 


FIREBIRD Industrial Processing is introducing the future of clean fabrics. Backed by years of engineering and proven chemistry, our FIP system will transform your entire wardrobe into odor-inhibiting performance clothing. 


Don’t just mask smells, eliminate them at the source. Our unique ion delivery system destroys odor emitting microorganisms well before they can produce unwanted smells and degrade fabrics. Typical anti-odor agents simply mask foul odors, without actually removing them from the fabrics. Our technology tackles odors within the textile, leaving your clothes cleaner, fresher, and more protected.


Advanced polymer chemistry ensures our silver technology remains on your garments for at least 40 washes. Plus our treated garments can be worn three times as long before needing laundering, saving you electricity, water, and time.  

Prolongs the life of fabric.


Lasts a minimum of 40 home washes. 


3x the wear time 



Textile Coatings


Keep, Clean, Coat


Americans throw away 11.3 millions tons of clothing waste every year. These garments end up in landfills, the ocean, and incinerated into the air we breathe. 


Extend the life of your favorite outdoor gear and apparel through our Firebird Industrial Processing technology. Restore high-quality finishes and protection using our innovative reclaiming process. Miele Professional performance paired with sophisticated programming combines deep laundering and technical textile coating into one efficient solution. 


Restore a wide variety of textiles and equipment to a HH rating of over 1000 mm. This product is great for repurposing old camping gear, refurbishing outdoor furniture, and waterproofing 

With the ease of our 288 shirts per hour FIP lane, you can guarantee efficient and rapid results. 



  • Hydrostatic Head Testing
  • Contact angle 


Hydrostatic Head Testing of >1000 mm. 

Textile Coatings


Protect your favorite pieces against whatever messes life may throw at you. The Firebird Industrial Processing technology cleans and coats your finest garments in a safe, protective finish. 


Extend the life of your wardrobe and increase the adventures in your life.

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